Our love for the great outdoors drives everything we do. Founded by John, a dedicated explorer and nature lover, our company isn't just about selling outdoor gear—it's about fostering a community of adventurers. From tranquil solo hikes to exhilarating group excursions, John’s experiences have shaped a brand that stands for more than just quality equipment; it stands for the spirit of adventure that fills our lungs with fresh air and our hearts with joy.

Meet John

I'm John, an avid explorer and outdoor enthusiast. Nature is my sanctuary, offering peace and clarity amid life's chaos. I cherish moments like sunset beach walks and scenic hikes that connect me with the beauty of the wild.

I love embarking on group adventures with friends, exploring new places, and sharing stories under starlit skies. These experiences strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

My passion for the outdoors drives me to provide products that inspire escapades and meaningful connections. With firsthand experience navigating diverse terrains, I aim to offer expertise and quality gear to fellow adventurers.

Let's conquer mountains, light campfires, and create timeless stories under the open sky. Our next adventure awaits!

Our Journey to Inspire Your Adventures

Every product at Out & Back Co. is designed with attention to detail and an understanding of what adventurers truly need. John's hands-on experience in diverse terrains ensures that each item is not only practical but also enhances the outdoor experience. Whether you’re
navigating rugged trails or enjoying a quiet sunset by the lake, our gear is your reliable companion.