A timber walkway pier curving towards the beach, surrounded by green and gold beach greenery and a cloudless blue sky in the horizon.

Day Trip: Perth Preston Beach

Location: Preston Beach, Yalgorup National Park, Western Australia
Adventure Type: 4WD Sand and Dune Exploration
Drive Time from Perth: Approximately 1.5 hours
Date of Visit: 25/09/2023
Image: WikiAustralia

General Overview:
Situated in Western Australia's renowned Peel region, Preston Beach is a day trip getaway for families, 4WD aficionados, and pet lovers. With dunes, sandy expanses, and close proximity to Perth, many adventure enthusiast will embark on this beautiful escape. 

Rating: 6/10


  • Time your visit during low tide, engage in fun beach games, and come equipped if you're 4WDing.
  • Pack recovery tracks, adjust tire pressures for soft sand, and remain vigilant of beach traffic.

Camping: Situated across from car park - free
Accessibility: Easy
Terrain: Sand
 Restrooms and a playground for kids near the car park area.

For Pet Owners
Pet Welcome: Your furry pals can join the fun.
Waste Facilities: None on the beach, but bins provided in the parking vicinity.
Pet Essentials: Remember to bring adequate water and food for your pets if spending the day.
Safety Tips: With the possibility of speeding vehicles, it's best to leash pets.


  • 4WD Excursions: Sandy expanses and dune trails for off-road enthusiasts.
  • Camping 
  • Fishing and Surfing: Dive into nature's offerings beyond just the 4WD experience. 
  • Kite surfing                                                                        

Personal Notes:
Preston Beach offers an exquisite blend of thrill and relaxation. Ensure you come well-prepared, especially with 4WD gear like recovery kits and tire compressors. For families and pet owners, a plethora of activities ensures a day filled with mirth and memories. Dodgeball, cricket, blind Marco Polo on the sand, and more to keep spirits buoyant.

Dive deep into the Preston Beach experience! Crafted for adventure-seekers, families, and pet lovers, this guide ensures your Western Australian beach escapade is nothing short of perfect.

Enjoy Friends!

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